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What is Digital Marketing, Online Marketing, Publishing?

In this article we explain how you can benefit from digital marketing for your project now.

The right online marketing strategy is an important prerequisite for a successful future. Time is changing, digitization is on everyone's lips, nothing works without the Internet anymore.
Everything is shifting to the Internet, hardly anyone makes a major purchase without having informed themselves first.
Digital / online marketing defines all measures that serve the branding of a brand, customer loyalty or the sale of products and services via the Internet.

Importance of Digital Marketing

Basically, it can be said that the development of online business in recent years has to do with the change in information, communication and consumer behavior. 90 percent use the Internet and 65 percent store online. Especially in a world where everything is moving faster and people are literally overrun by the flood of information, it is more important than ever to communicate effectively and in a targeted manner. With the right digital marketing strategy, unimagined advantages arise and these are also very diverse.

  • • Better possibility to define the target group
  • • Different target groups can be addressed more effectively
  • • Better success analytics
  • • Greater flexibility in budgeting
  • • Optimization through direct feedback

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