Data Protection

GDPR, Data Privacy, Customer Protection

Data Protection and Privacy matter.

Collect Media allows you to be fully compliant with GDPR and handling customer data.

The Internet has drastically changed the way we communicate and handle our daily tasks. Everything happens digitally today. We send emails, share documents, pay bills and buy products online.

Data Protection is fundamentally about having control over one's own data. In the future, the GDPR will ensure that private individuals have control and information about how their personal data is processed and published.

GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation)

The conditions under which consent is obtained are stricter under the GDPR. This is because individuals have the right to revoke their consent at any time. In addition, consent is not considered valid until separate consents have been obtained for different processing operations.

The use of HTTPS is recommended for all websites. As soon as data is transmitted (e.g. via a contact form), its use is almost mandatory with regard to compliance with the GDPR. SSL/TLS encryption is not literally required within the framework of the DSGVO, but without it, "secure data transmission" cannot be realized in practice.
The free Let's Encrypt encryption available via our control panel is completely sufficient for this. Let's Encrypt can be activated via the control panel with a few clicks.

Privacy with Collect Media

For us, data protection was and is one of the most important tasks. This applies both to us as a company in the careful handling of our customers' data and in our role as a hosting provider. Data transfers to external "service providers", profiling and the like have always been taboo for us.

Learn more about "Cloud Web Hosting"

The fact that it is not tied to specific hardware resources not only ensures that cloud hosting is particularly fail-safe, but also enables customers to redefine the required performance at any time without having to replace the server completely.

Cloud Data Center

Our servers are located in Europe. There is no transmission to external locations.
Physical access to our systems is only possible for selected employees. The strictest security regulations apply at the data center location (video surveillance, multi-headed armed security guards, access through multi-level security gate, etc.).
Access by external technicians (e.g. in the event of damage) is only possible in the presence and under the supervision of our employees and, as a matter of principle, only in the offline state (no possibility of accessing data).

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We moved our landing page to Collect Media Cloud. It has integrated version control and allows us to reliably push new content.

Felix H.

We are now running our Node.js backend on the cloud infrastructure. It has improved loading times by 50% and cut off latency.

Sasa K.

I was looking for a simple shared hosting plan when I came across this offering. I've never looked back to classic web hosting.

Brandon L.
Web Developer