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What is Cloud Webspace/Web Hosting?

In this article we explain how you can benefit from the cloud for your website now.

When using Cloud Web Hosting, websites are not stored on your own computer or server, but on Collect Media's AWS Cloud system. Your cloud server gets the required storage from the physical website network.

Therefore, cloud web hosting can be booked as a service to create fast, scalable and powerful websites.

How does Cloud Web Hosting work?

Cloud web space/web hosting is a service: users can access virtualized hardware resources via the network, in this case the web host.

A well-known example of using cloud hosting is storing photos in the cloud provided by a vendor or device manufacturer. (e.g. iCloud, Google Drive).

When a large amount of data needs to be stored or a specific web application needs to be hosted, a professional cloud solution from Collect Media is usually booked.

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What are the advantages of a Cloud?

Compared to storage on physical servers, the biggest advantage of cloud hosting is that the cloud ensures that the best server capacity is always provided.

The fact that it is not tied to specific hardware resources not only ensures that cloud hosting is particularly fail-safe, but also enables customers to redefine the required performance at any time without having to replace the server completely.

The server can decide for itself whether the processor performance, the working memory or the hard disk space should be expanded or reduced.

Hear from our customers

Join the other 100+ projects which we are proudly hosting on the cloud.

We moved our landing page to Collect Media Cloud. It has integrated version control and allows us to reliably push new content.

Felix H.

We are now running our Node.js backend on the cloud infrastructure. It has improved loading times by 50% and cut off latency.

Sasa K.

I was looking for a simple shared hosting plan when I came across this offering. I've never looked back to classic web hosting.

Brandon L.
Web Developer